MEPCO Bill Calculator 2023: Units Bill Estimator

MEPCO bill calculator is a free online tool for MEPCO consumers to get an estimate of their total monthly bill amount. This bill estimating tool calculates your electricity bill based on the total consumed electric units and the latest tariff or other charges implemented by the Government of Pakistan.

Please enter units to calculate electricity cost.

Remember, the MEPCO bill calculator is just for the closest approximation of your current electricity (Bijli) bill, but the exact bill amount may vary to some extent. The common reasons for any minor variation may be a current change in tariff, electricity per unit price, or the price variation in taxes.

Let’s discuss the operating mode of this useful WAPDA bill calculation tool!

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How Does MEPCO Bill Calculator Work?

Our online MEPCO bill calculator calculates your monthly electricity consumption invoice depending on the total electricity units consumed, the latest tariff rate, and inclusive taxes such as FPA, FC, GST, or other present NEPRA-imposed surcharges.

To use this handy tool, you just need to add the total used electricity units in the provided space. The MEPCO bill calculator will give you a precise bill value within seconds depending on the cost of the electricity unit, current tax surcharges, and TV fee. Moreover, some bill calculation tools also consider your meter connection and phase type to provide the current bill amount.

Besides all this, the MEPCO bill calculator 2023 is highly user-friendly, with the lowest chances of human errors. However, sometimes it shows a variation in the calculated bill amount. Therefore, if you find any big difference in the monthly electricity bill with this bill cost estimator, kindly contact us and let us know the exact problem.

How to Use MEPCO Bill Calculator to Check Consumer Bills Online?

This online WAPDA electricity bill checker is simpler and easy to use with a user-friendly interface. To use this tool properly, follow the simple steps described below to proceed with your bill cost calculation method:

  • Carefully take the accurate reading from your electric meter that will be in kWh. If you don’t know the meter reading method, you can read the article on how to read a meter connection to know your electricity consumption units in different types of electrical connections.
  • The per unit price of electricity varies based on the number of bijli units consumed. The more power units consumed, the higher the bill price.
  • Enter the total consumed electricity units taken from the meter reading.
  • Click on the submit tab, and it’s all done.
  • You can preview a real-time power bill cost based on connection type, meter rent, current GOP taxes, and TV fee.
  • Moreover, to verify the total bill cost calculated by the MEPCO bill calculator online, you must know about Pakistan’s current unit price and tax charges.

How is Electricity Bill Calculated in Pakistan? WAPDA Bill Calculation Formula

In Pakistan, WAPDA calculates your electricity bill through meter readings. To calculate the bill amount manually, note the meter reading of the current month as well as the previous month. You can check the previous meter reading from the last month’s bill copy. Then, subtract the current month’s meter reading from the previous one to get the total consumed electricity units of the current month.

Previous meter reading – Current month meter reading = Total kWh (Consumed Units)

In the next step, multiply these consumed electricity units of the current month with the latest kWh rate as:

Total KWh * Current KWh price = Total Electricity Bill Amount

Finally, see the additional tax charges on your bill copy and add them to the total energy bill to get the final bill amount.  However, it’s worth mentioning here that the tax amounts may differ each month depending on the new NEPRA updates.

MEPCO Unit Rate for Domestic Connections

To accurately calculate your monthly electric energy bill, you must know the latest per unit electricity price. However, the unit cost varies for every type of connection such as residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural kinds. Therefore, consider your meter type before estimating the bill amount. The table below displays the per-unit price for domestic connections.

Total Consumed Electricity UnitsPrice per unit (Rs.)
Consumed Units: 1 to 503.95
Consumed Units: 51 to 1007.74
Consumed Units: 101 to 20010.06
Consumed Units: 201 to 30012.15
Consumed Units: 301 to 70019.55
Consumed Units: More than 70022.65

Why Should I Use MEPCO Bill Estimator?

The online MEPCO bill calculator is an easy-to-use and fast tool to assist you in calculating an accurate bill amount. It offers multiple benefits for Pakistani electricity consumers, such as:

  • This online electricity bill calculator is completely free of cost.
  • You don’t need to waste your time and energy calculating the bill amount manually through bill-calculating formulas.
  • By knowing your bill before the due date, you can manage your finances to pay your bill timely and avoid the late surcharge.
  • By using this electricity MEPCO bill calculator Pakistan, you can plan from time to time in a better way to save electricity consumption units and extra load.

Bottom Line

By providing an estimated bill before receiving a WAPDA copy, the MEPCO bill calculator lets you control your energy consumption and eliminate unnecessary energy waste. To determine the total of your current bill, it takes into account all taxes and service charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be numerous reasons for an unexpected electricity bill, such as:

  • Faulty or damaged electricity wiring
  • Inappropriate working of meter connection
  • Revised tariff rates
  • High-power consumption appliances
  • Altered WAPDA tax charges

A kWh or Kilowatt-hour is a unit of energy or billing unit of electricity delivered to electrical power consumers. It may also be defined as the energy consumption by a 1 kW electrical appliance for one hour.

The current unit rate per consumer for a single-phase connection is Rs. 175, while for a three-phase, it’s Rs. 350. Similarly, for industrial connection, per unit single phase cost is 19.51, while for 3-phase, it is 19.95 in 2023.