How to Read Your MEPCO Electricity Bill 2023? Complete Guide

How to read your MEPCO electricity bill

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is one of Pakistan’s leading electricity distributing companies that ensures high-quality and uninterrupted electricity supply to the areas under the MEPCO supply and management system. As a MEPCO consumer, learning how to read your MEPCO electricity bill to track your energy consumption, identify errors, and know the current tariff rates or surcharges is important.

Moreover, understanding your MEPCO bill can help you strategize the best energy-efficient practices and create potential cost-saving measures, reducing your monthly bills. Let’s understand the meaning, significance, and purpose of an electricity bill’s sections.

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How to Read Your MEPCO Electricity Bill: Complete Overview

WAPDA’s electricity bill has multiple categories and sub-categories, each specifying your monthly electricity consumption and per unit cost. Let’s explore each section for a detailed overview of the MEPCO bill copy!

Customer Information

This section is at the top of the consumer bill copy. It describes the personal information of the customer, like customer name, address, account number, billing month, meter reading date, reference number, and the due date to pay your MEPCO bill.

Electricity Connection Details

This section tells about the detail of your meter connection, such as the meter number, connection date, load, and the total consumed units in the form of the current meter reading.

MEPCO Charges

All the implemented taxes and surcharges are mentioned in this category. The tax amount may vary in each month’s electricity bill depending on the current tariff and per unit price fixed by MEPCO and government authorities.

Government Charges

The government applies a set of charges on monthly MEPCO electric bills, including electricity duty, PTV fee, sales tax, GST, and different surcharges such as N. J. (Neelum Jhelum), F.C. (Financing Cost), or T.R. (Tariff Rationalization) Surcharge. Some of these charges are applied monthly, while others may apply or not, depending on current governmental policies.

Billing Period

In this category, the detail about the current billing month, date of bill issue, and payment due date are mentioned.

Total Bill

This section mentions the current month’s total bill amount, including the cost of consumed electrical units and government or MEPCO-imposed surcharges.

Understand your MEPCO Bill Tariff and Tax Information

Tariff refers to the rate at which electrical energy is supplied to a consumer or the charges a customer pays for consuming electricity. Usually, its rate varies in every month’s bill depending on the current tariff rates defined by NEPRA for energy consumers. Moreover, the higher the consumption of electricity, the more will be the rate of electricity.

The tariff and tax section in your electricity bill comprises of following sub-categories:

  • The Per unit cost of electricity, defined by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, varies for residential, commercial, and agricultural consumers.
  • Fuel Price Adjustment charges (FPA) apply to consumer bills depending on the current fuel prices. It is the amount an electricity consumer pays as the cost of fuel used to generate electricity.  
  • PTV Fee funds Pakistan Television (PTV) and only applies to consumers who own a TV.
  • Meter Rent is a fixed monthly charge to ensure proper maintenance of meter connections in your area. Its amount depends on the type of meter and purpose of installation, for example, if it is used for domestic, industrial, or agricultural needs.
  • General Sales Tax (GST) is implemented on MEPCO consumers as The Goods and Services Tax. The current rate of GST for MEPCO consumers is 17%, calculated based on your total bill, including all the taxes.
  • The government imposes a fixed monthly fee known as the Neelam-Jhelum surcharge to cover expenses for the Neelam-Jhelum hydroelectric power project.

Understand your MEPCO Bill Calculation Method

You must know the total number of electricity units consumed in a month and the current tariff and tax amounts to calculate your MEPCO bill. Here’s the electricity bill calculation formula you can use to calculate your Mepco utility bill:

Total MEPCO Bill Amount= (Total electricity units consumed * current electricity charges) + Additional taxes and surcharges

For more comfort, MEPCO consumers can calculate their bills online through an online electricity bill calculator, a handy and free-of-cost tool. By entering the reference number of your bill, this tool can help you find your current month’s MEPCO bill in a few moments.

Bottom Line

Understanding how to read your MEPCO electricity bill is crucial to analyzing and tracking your monthly energy consumption and identifying errors. By following the above step-by-step guide, you can understand and interpret different sections of your MEPCO bill and interpret them. Also, you can manage your energy usage and monthly utility bill expenses in a better way.

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