MEPCO MIS: Online Management Information System 2023


MEPCO MIS is a highly organized online information management system that can be operated and managed only by MEPCO staff, such as line managers and the administrative team. Every authorized MEPCO user can access his account with unique login credentials, including a username and password. 

Through this system, MEPCO MIS management can view and manage all the customer records in online portal, including court cases, pending recoveries, consumer bill correction, new connection tracking, pending inquiries, and much more. Moreover, the system also monitors and efficiently resolves consumer complaints through its online system. Let’s have a look how MEPCO Management Information System works!

Why Does MEPCO Need to Initiate an Online Management Information System?

Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is a public limited company established on May 14, 1998. Being the leading power distribution company in Pakistan, MEPCO holds the responsibility to supply high-quality electricity in 13 administrative districts of South Punjab in a well-managed way. Moreover, approximately 35 million electricity consumers are registered in MEPCO, whose data must be carefully managed and saved.

Therefore, the company developed a state-of-the-art, fully functional, and reliable online Management Information System where MEPCO staff saves the consumer record in an organized manner. However, the portal is only accessible for MEPCO employees or officials to maintain the data of important documents and records.

How to Access MEPCO MIS?

If you’re an authorized MEPCO manager or staff member, you can access your MEPCO MIS online account by following the few simple steps:

  • Go to the official MEPCO website and click on ‘Employee Corner.’
  • Select MEPCO MIS to access your MIS account at
  • Login to your account by entering your User Name and Password
  • Ask your officer for login credentials if you are a new MEPCO employee because you can’t access your account without your unique member credentials.

How Does MIS MEPCO Work?

MEPCO provides this online information management panel to facilitate its line managers to maintain and save important data and files of the company in a well-coordinated way. The system also stores real-time data of MEPCO electricity consumers that help manage and track information 24 hours, thus helping to resolve customer complaints quickly and more efficiently.

Besides all this, MEPCO Management Information System also stores archive or old data that MEPCO managers can access anytime. This way, MIS helps improve customer experience, saves time, and processes important data in a well-managed way.

Key Responsibilities of MEPCO MIS

MEPCO Information Management portal is administrated and operated by MEPCO managers and is responsible for the following key services:

Resolves Online Customer Complaints

The MIS unit of MEPCO is available 24/7 to check and resolve online customer complaints such as new connection installation and application tracking, incorrect bill, wrong meter reading, electricity theft, and so on. The MIS administrative staff maintains all the pending and resolved complaints in its database to keep the record.

MIS MEPCO Regulates New Connection Requests

Due to the increasing electricity demand, MEPCO has extended its electricity supply and distribution system. Therefore, many energy consumers are applying for a new meter connection installation to meet the rising electricity needs of each family.

Thus, MEPCO developed this online MIS system to provide continuous assistance to its customers for new meter application tracking or relevant complaints and queries. Online MIS keeps a record of all new, pending, and installed connection applications and tries to resolve customer complaints at the earliest.

Manages Data of Court Cases

The MIS team monitors all the active court cases regarding MEPCO inquiries and saves the record of their judgments and decisions. Moreover, it also manages all the data, documentation, and files of those cases in its online system.

Controls Defaulter Recovery

MEPCO online MIS keeps a check and balance on the defaulter’s recovery status, i.e., whether a nonpayer has cleared his pending dues. The MEPCO managers also maintain and save the defaulter’s payment data in the official record. Moreover, MEPCO team can also check bill payment status (paid or not yet) of any connection or user online.

Keeps the Record of Credits and Debits

The MEPCO MIS staff carefully analyzes company credits and debits at the division and sub-division levels. This online system also saves the record of all the cash paying and receiving history in its database.

Bottom Line

MEPCO MIS is a highly systematized online system to collect, store, and process customer and company information in its database. Through this well-organized system, MEPCO solve customer queries and complaints more efficiently and quickly.

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