MEPCO Distribution Areas for Electricity Supply and Management

MEPCO Distribution

The Multan Electric Power Company is the largest electricity supply company of PEPCO. MEPCO distribution system operates, controls, and ensures high-quality power transmission to 13 districts of South Punjab. Moreover, it connects to 5 major distributing companies of Pakistan, including LESCO (Sahiwal), PESCO (KPK), HESCO (Sindh), QESCO (Balochistan), and FESCO (Bhakkar). At Minchinabad Bahawalnagar, the company also touches the border of India. Let’s explore more about areas covered under MEPCO and how its supply and management system works to ensure quality energy transmission under its jurisdiction.

Key Objectives of MEPCO Operations

MEPCO is the largest power distributing system in Pakistan, intending to transmit high-quality and constant electricity to its customers. The main objectives of the company include the following:

  • To provide an un-interrupted energy supply to domestic, agricultural, and commercial sectors
  • MEPCO distribution ensures excellent customer care services
  • To transmit electricity to each rural area that comes under the jurisdiction of MEPCO
  • To ensure the development of ‘Sar Sabaz and Roshan Pakistan’
  • To create, build, and maintain a sustainable electrical distribution network in the country

MEPCO Distribution for Electricity Supply and Management

Multan Electric Power Company Limited was established in 1998 in alliance with the Pakistan government policy of Unbundling and Corporatization of the Energy Sector. It holds all the rights and liabilities for the control and management of the transmission lines and grid stations of the Multan area.

MEPCO is the licensee by NEPRA to transmit power supply to different administrative districts of South Punjab. It has upgraded its power supply system to provide its customers with the best quality and uninterrupted electricity. Since the company’s service area is primarily rural, the domestic category and lifeline customers make up many of its consumers.

Having its own grid stations makes the MEPCO distribution more efficient in terms of good voltage, well-managed distribution, and continuous power transfer. The company also intends to install more new connections and transformers in the fiscal year 2023-2024 to lessen the low voltage or tripping complaints. The new meter connections will include domestic, commercial, industrial, as well as agricultural connections.

Areas under MEPCO Distribution and Management

More than 35 million users in 9 circles of Southern Punjab, comprising 38 divisions and 181 subdivisions, get energy supply from the MEPCO management system. Besides that, the company is responsible for transmitting power to 50 constituencies of the National Assembly and 104 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly of Pakistan.

A detailed description of each region, division, and sub-division under MEPCO distribution is given below:


City  Multan CanttM. Abad   S. R. AlamMusapakShujabad


Sahiwal-1 Sahiwal-2Pakpattan ChichawatniArifwala


Bahawalpur A. P. EastLodhran  Hasil PurModel Town

Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar KhanLiaqat Pur Khanpur Sadiq Abad


Muzaffar GarhKot AdduLayyah Ali Pur

D. G. Khan

D. G. Khan-1 Rajan PurTounsa Kot Chutta


Vehari  Mailsi Burewala


Khanewal  K/WalaMian Channu


Bahawalnagar Haroon AbadChistian 

Basics of Power Distribution System

A perfectly managed and controlled system works behind the whole process of energy generation and transmission system. A typical power distribution system comprises of distribution substations, transformers, conductors (distributor and service main), feeders, and protection equipments. Let’s discuss the complete process of electric distribution step-by-step!

  • A distribution sub-station receives electricity from a transmission network.
  • With the help of a transformer, the high-voltage energy is reduced to the primary distribution level voltage (range from 2.4kV to 33 kV).
  • The decreased voltage is then sent to distribution transformers through feeders.
  • A service transformer again steps down the voltage and controls its distribution along the transmission lines.
  • The well-controlled voltage received from a distribution transformer is carried by a conductor to transmit it to the energy consumers.
  • The service mains are used to connect distributor conductor at the adjacent pole to the consumer’s end.

Bottom Line

MEPCO distribution aims to provide an ideal electricity supply system to its valued customers. However, you may contact at MEPCO helpline in case of any issues of poor energy supply in your area, such as unscheduled load shedding, low voltage, or tripping. You may also Contact Us to discuss your queries.

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