MEPCO New Connection 2023: Application Procedure & Timeframe

Do you want a new domestic, industrial, or commercial electricity connection? The Multan Electric Power Company has made the procedure far simpler for its consumers than ever! Now, you can apply for a MEPCO new connection by visiting your nearest MEPCO office or getting the application form online.

Moreover, you can visit the official website of Multan Electricity Power Company (MEPCO) to download the new WAPDA meter application form, view the priority connection list on self-purchased transformers, or the seniority of pending Ripe Industrial electric connections. Here, we’ve provided a complete step-by-step guide to help you apply for a new MEPCO electricity connection in 2023. So, let’s have a look!

Online Application for New Connection of Electricity

MEPCO offers online services to its users to apply for a new electricity connection, hence reducing your effort and time. Visit the official website of MEPCO to read the guidelines, download the MEPCO new electric connection application form, register your complaints, or track your application status.

For a new electricity meter connection online apply, follow the procedure described below:

  • Fill out the MEPCO new connection application form online or download it from the official website of MEPCO. The DISCO staff at the nearest MEPCO branch may assist you in filling out the new connection application form.
  • Upload or attach the attested copies of scanned documents with the application.
  • The required documents details are described below.
  • Fill out the form and attach the attested copies of the required documents with the MEPCO meter connection form.
  • You also need to fill out the demand notice MEPCO and pay the dues to the mentioned banks.
  • Take a printout of the application form. Send it along with the paid demand notice and all necessary documents to your nearest MEPCO service center.
  • New meter will be installed after the verification of demand notice payment.
  • DISCO will assign an acknowledgment receipt along with a tracking ID or serial number.
  • Any further queries may be discussed through email, letter, or phone number.

MEPCO New Connection Application Procedure in Urdu

MEPCO New connection application procedure in Urdu

Documents Required to Apply for Residential MEPCO New Connection

You may need the following documents to apply for a fresh MEPCO electricity connection:

  • Attested copies of the applicant’s CNIC
  • CNIC of 2 witnesses; however, it may not be required for single-phase connection
  • Ownership proof of the property
  • Affidavit fee for the new MEPCO meter connection by the owner on non-judicial stamp paper
  • Applicant’s undertaking
  • CNIC of the owner and the issued NOC for tenant ownership
  • Duly signed copy of the concerned MEPCO tariff.

Documents Required for Commercial or Industrial Electricity Connection

In case, you’re using industrial or commercial category MEPCO meters, you will have to submit some additional documents along with electricity new connection application. The detail of those extra required documents are listed below:

  • The Charge Creation Certificate from SECP (Security and Exchange Commision of Pakistan).
  • A copy of Incorporation Certificate for private limited companies.
  • Power of attorney if there are more than one owners of the property.
  • Sitemap for the area where MEPCO new connection will be installed.
  • The NOC on the company letterhead.
  • Attested copies of CNIC of the directors.

What is MEPCO New Connection Demand Notice?

A MEPCO demand notice is a legal document that ensures an energy consumer has recently applied for a new line connection. It must be provided to the MEPCO office while submitting the online meter application. You can check and take a print of the MEPCO new meter demand notice as:

  • Visit the official website of Mepco
  • Click the demand notice option.
  • Enter your CNIC or new connection tracking ID.
  • Your MEPCO new connection application status will be displayed on the screen.
  • Take the demand notice print and submit its dues online or in the nearest bank.

Expected Time, Categories, and Policy for Installation of a New MEPCO Connection

The expected time duration to get a new connection of MEPCO depends on the connection category for electric supply. Therefore, let’s look at the approximate time for each type of meter connection!

Category -1: Load Up to 15 kW

Serial No.Step-by-Step ProcedureTime Frame
1The MEPCO staff issues a receipt and a seniority number to the applicant after submitting the new connection application along with the required documents. 1
2MEPCO staff members visit the area where a new connection is expected to be installed. The staff also ensures whether the area is legally appropriate for a MEPCO new connection setup.3
3After getting approval for the site, the MEPCO officer generates an estimated cost of connection. Then it issues a MEPCO demand notice to the applicant by hand or post. 4
4Next, the applicant deposits the demand draft in the nearest bank and sends a copy to the office2
5The applicant has to submit a test report of wiring and get it verified by the MEPCO office.3
6The staff prepares and adds you to the priority list as per the dues submission date.1
7The officer issues a service connection order to the consumer.3
8The officer contacts the store management team for the necessary equipment for MEPCO new connection installation, such as a meter, installation kit, wires etc.3
9The store staff approves the submitted list of connection and installation items.5
10Finally, SDO will initiate the meter installation process and complete it according to the assigned time frame..
 Total Days Required to Finish Installation Process30

Category-2: Load 16 kW to 70 kW

All the steps are the same as the type-1 category fresh connection installation. However, the time duration may exceed 44 days.

Category-3: Load 71 kW to 500 kW

All the steps are the same as type-1 and type-2 category fresh connection installation, except the duration may exceed 58 days.

New Electricity Connection Fee

According to the current fee structure, the domestic meter charges are Rs. 5000 to apply for a new meter connection in 2023. However, the new meter connection charges vary with changes in inclusive tax prices and fuel charges. Moreover, the type of connection (residential, industrial, or agricultural) also plays a huge role in determining the current charges.

After receiving the meter application, you will receive a MEPCO demand notice bill which you have to pay in order to get a new meter. The demand notice fee includes tax charges defined for a particular type of connection which you may pay at once or in installments. Once, you pay all the dues of new meter charges, you will get a payment receipt as confirmation, and MEPCO staff starts taking steps to install your new meter connection. Take the printout for saving paid demand notice Chalan as a record.

MEPCO New Connection Application Status Tracking?

You can check MEPCO’s new connection status or do meter application tracking by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the application tracking page at the official MEPCO website
  • Select the ‘New Connection’ option
  • Select a company and put your tracking ID provided by MEPCO upon receiving the application form or by CNIC
  • Here, you can check your MEPCO meter application status online.
  • You can also confirm your meter application status by calling the MEPCO service center.

 If the distribution company fails to perform the necessary action within the allotted time, it must explain the reason for the delay. Such arguments may be accepted or rejected by the authority. However, the delay can’t relieve the distribution company of its duty to carry out the necessary measures.

You may also visit the official website of MEPCO to get details about the procedural guidelines for new connection installation.

Bottom Line

Carefully read the above guidelines before applying for a MEPCO new connection. Besides that, for further queries, you may also comment below or Contact Us.