MEPCO Bill Correction: Online Customer Bill Complaint 2023

MEPCO bill correction

Have you ever received an incorrect MEPCO bill, either in the form of a false meter reading, the inclusion of an unexpectedly huge tariff, or the wrong reference number and consumer name? If yes, do you know how to submit a complaint for MEPCO bill correction in Multan Electric Power Company? If you don’t have an idea to file an offline or online customer complaint in the MEPCO office, follow the below-mentioned simple steps and quickly submit your application! Keep reading to learn about the complete procedure and guidelines!

Complaint Procedure for MEPCO Bill Correction

The MEPCO electricity consumers can submit their complaints about the incorrect bill online or by visiting the nearest MEPCO office. However, the online complaint procedure is quick, easy, and time-saving.

MEPCO consumers can make a direct call at 118 or send an SMS at 8118 to register their complaints regarding the incorrect bill, an extended delay in MEPCO new connection, electricity theft, or any other energy issue. They can also contact at the following phone numbers at the Multan Customer Service Center:

0800-63726         061-9220313       061-9220314

Submitting Complaint Offline at MEPCO Office

To discuss your issue or file a complaint by hand, you may visit your nearest MEPCO Complaint Center during office hours. Please remember to take at least 2 months old duplicate bills for reference of the complaint. The MEPCO staff carefully listens to your problem, analyzes the grounds, and gives you an estimated timeframe to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The management can also give you a diary number to track your complaint status online. Generally, your MEPCO bill correction complaints are resolved within 24 hours to a maximum of one week, depending on the error type and its depth.

Online Complaint Process for MEPCO Bill Correction       

To submit an online complaint in the MEPCO customer complaint unit, follow the below easy steps:

  • Go to the official website of MEPCO at
  • Click on the Customer Care tab and select ‘Bill Correction’.
  • An online Customer Bill Correction form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill in the required information like name, Email, mobile phone number, and SDIV/DIV/CIR code.
  • You can also take help from the office staff if you need help understanding a required information column in the form.
  • Next, the management will sanction your application of MEPCO bill correction and process its duly signed scanned copy to the concerned computer office.
  • You will soon receive an email on your registered email ID to verify your complaint for bill correction.

How Can I Calculate MEPCO Bill Online?

Remember, before filing a complaint, you should always calculate your electricity bill amount online. For this purpose, you can use an online bill calculator and get your estimated bill amount within seconds. The Online bill estimator calculates your energy bills depending on the current tariff rate, per unit electricity cost, and additional taxes. The calculated amount may vary slightly depending on current changes in tariff and per unit price, but it’s almost close to precision.

How to Correct or Update Name in the MEPCO Bill?

The Power Information Technology Company (PITC) is an online portal where electricity consumers can apply for the change or update of their names, CNIC, or contact number. Follow the steps described below to update your billing details at PITC:

  • Visit PITC portal for the change of name or other bill record correction in MEPCO.
  • Add your bill reference number and press ‘Go’.
  • Fill the application form by providing the required information of the occupant such as name, CNIC, or phone number.
  • After submitting the form, an OTP will be generated for verification.
  • Now, your updated MEPCO consumer data will be saved in MEPCO record. However, you can send an email at [email protected] or make a direct call at 118 for any inconvenience during form submission.

Bottom Line

MEPCO has developed a well-systematized way to facilitate its customers for complaint registration and providing its quick solution. However, you can contact us in case of any inconvenience during MEPCO bill correction complaint submission. We are 24/7 available for your help and guidance.

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