15 Best Tips for Reducing your MEPCO Bill: Save Electricity

Tips for reducing your MEPCO bill

Frequent increase in electricity prices in Pakistan burdens MEPCO consumers with unmanageable monthly bills and disturbs the balance of domestic expenditure. The intense heat in summer and extremely cold winter can enhance the usage of high-voltage appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, or electric heaters and cause an increase in power consumption.

Therefore, finding practical ways must be your top priority to minimize the monthly energy cost. So, find out our below-mentioned incredible tips for reducing your MEPCO bill more efficiently!

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15 Incredible Tips for Reducing Your MEPCO Bill and Cut Electricity Consumption

1- Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient devices consume less energy than regular household electrical appliances to minimize your monthly electricity bill. Check the Energy Star Symbol before buying the electronics to confirm its energy efficiency. This symbol indicates that the appliance meets the global energy-efficient standards of the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

2- Unplug Unused Electric Devices to Reduce Phantom Loads

Phantom load or Standby Power usage is when the electrical devices use power even when turned off. To avoid such a situation, get a quick overview of the surroundings in your home and unplug all the unused cables, chargers, and other electronics.

Are you wondering if plugged-in electric devices use electricity even when not in use? The straight answer is ‘yes,’ but the consumption is negligible because the current can’t flow in a complete circuit. So, the best option is to remove or switch off all the plugged-in devices like lamps, electric kettles, mobile/laptop chargers, microwaves, or cables when not in use.

3- Seal Air Leaks (Insulation)

Reducing air leakage through cracks and openings of windows and doors is the best and most cost-effective way to cut electric unit consumption and billing cost. It provides a controlled ventilation system in your house that allows you to manage the indoor temperature according to your requirement.  Also, sealing air leaks insulate your home from intense weather conditions.

4- Use Power Strips

A power strip is an electrical board that simultaneously provides AC power (Alternating current) to multiple electrical devices. It connects more than one electrical appliance simultaneously. Power strips contain a ‘Master Switch’ that can be turned off when devices are tripped, reducing unnecessary power usage. However, you should not use a power strip for connecting high-voltage electronics as it can also overload the strip or damage the appliance.

5- Install LED Lights

Energy-saving light bulbs can reduce electricity consumption costs by up to 70-80%. Moreover, they are more durable and long-lasting but more expensive than standard lights and bulbs of the same power. So, if you are considering managing an energy-efficient system for your house, installing LED or energy-saving bulbs should be your top priority.

6- Use a Programmable Thermostat

A Programmable or Smart Thermostat can help you reduce your electricity consumption by automatically regulating the temperature of the appliances as per your requirement. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your temperature schedule in electronic equipment according to indoor and outdoor temperatures.

You can reset your schedule multiple times daily, even when you are away from home, without changing your daily or weekly schedule. Ensure keeping the thermostat at an eco-friendly level to save more energy.

7- Use Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Like air conditioners, electric heaters also consume high electricity causing a rise in energy bills. To cope with this problem, consider using an energy-efficient water heater that can reduce up to 20-40 percent of MEPCO’s electricity bill compared to traditional tank heaters.

8- Avoid the Usage of Air Conditioners in Peak Hours

While discussing more electricity utilization devices, air conditioners are at the top. Therefore, you should avoid its use at the peak electricity hours, specifically described for each area as MEPCO peak hours are supposed to be 6:30 AM to 10: AM from April – October, whereas 6 PM to 10 PM from November – March. Moreover, you should change the AC setting to energy-efficient mode, keep its temperature moderate, and manage the air leakage appropriately.

9- Ensure Regular Maintenance

Regularly cleaning and inspecting electronic equipment is the best way to reduce energy consumption. Routine maintenance can reduce electricity bills, enhance safety, and improve the durability of your electronic devices. Moreover, regularly maintained electric equipment remains to be more energy efficient for a long time as a disintegrated or faulty device can hamper its normal operation.

10- Insulate the HVAC System

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Insulating the HVAC system of your house is a practical way to minimize power consumption. The HVAC system controls temperature and circulating air between indoor and outdoor areas in residential and commercial buildings.

Ensure good insulation for an energy-efficient HVAC system. By this, the system won’t have to work hard to heat and cool your home if your home and the ducting for the unit are properly sealed to prevent air leaks.

11- Regularly Monitor your Consumed Units

Monitoring your daily electricity consumption by reading your digital meter is the best strategy for managing electricity usage. Being proactive in monitoring electricity usage can help save more energy and reduce your monthly bills. 

12- Install Solar Panels                  

Solar panels reduce electricity bills by producing energy from the sun. You have to rely less on WAPDA-generated electricity, thus reducing your monthly electricity bill. Also, when your solar panels produce more energy than your home usage, the excess electricity is sent back to the grid, which can result in credits on your electric bill. Additionally, many regions offer net metering programs that allow homeowners to earn credits for the excess electricity they produce and send back into the grid.

13- Use Ceiling Fans to Reduce Electricity Consumption

Ceiling fans constantly circulate fresh air inside the room by consuming fewer electric units. Increasing the use of ceiling fans and minimizing the usage of air conditioners in summer can reduce your MEPCO electricity bill by up to 50-60%.

14- Regularly Clean Air Filters

The dirty or poorly designed filters can accumulate dust particles and grow bacterial colonies, causing a blockage in air filters. Due to this reason, their fans have to work harder and run fast at high speed to work properly. A high-quality, clean air filter can work best even at a lower speed, consuming less energy.

15- Paint the Roof White

Painting your roof white is an awesome strategy to develop a cooling sensation inside your home. White light reflects sunlight and cools down the internal atmosphere of the house. On the other hand, black or darker shades absorb more sunlight which eventually results in increasing the temperature of the building.

5 Incredible Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Electrical Appliances

By implementing the below-mentioned methods, you can improve the efficiency of your electrical devices and reduce energy consumption:

  • Regularly monitor your appliances for any faulty operation and get them repaired on a priority basis.
  • Read the instruction booklet of the appliance carefully for its smooth working. Don’t override the instructions.
  • Insulate your home properly to prevent power loss and over-burdening of the appliances.
  • Use timers or programmable settings on appliances such as ovens, air conditioners, and washing machines to use them only when needed.
  • Replace old and outdated devices with newer, energy-efficient models. Energy Star-rated devices use less energy and can help reduce your electricity bill.

Bottom Line

Make a few changes to your energy consumption habits, monitor your daily usage, and follow the above tips to reduce your MEPCO bill and minimize your daily consumption.

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